Roll-Up Door Repair Services

Having a fully-functioning roll-up garage door at your place of business is vital for its success. It helps keep everything behind it safe and secure from any potential threats or environmental factors. Their metal slatted doors interlock to form a solid garage door, fit for any business. They keep the utility bill down through their ability to insulate, they are incredibly easy to operate as well as looking super sleek and being simplistic to maintain. These commercial garage doors roll up into a coil, making it a great space saver also. They are a great option for spaces with limited room as these doors are self-contained. They have a storage container that allows the door to roll up into it, something a traditional overhead garage door does not have.

Commercial roll-up doors are very popular as they are used in every location from warehouses to airplane hangers. With individual interlocking steel slats, roll-up doors are very hard to penetrate compared to a sectional door. Their parts are made predominately of heavy-duty steel which means they last longer too.

Our team of specialists can install a roll-up door for your business in no time. Our team is certified and trained to provide our customers with impeccable service so that your roll-up door is raring to go.

We can take care of and install any commercial roll-up door such as:

High-speed roll-up doors: These doors are great for high-traffic areas as their roll-up speed means more time for workplace productivity. Their speed also has a little allowance for air to escape meaning temperatures will stay relatively the same, saving on energy costs.

Fire-rated roll-up doors: These doors are great for any industrial building as they feature a time-delay door release device that can close the garage door if a fire is sensed.

Glass roll-up doors: Glass doors are a stylish option as they come in a variety of options such as matte, textured or tinted. They are great to brighten up space as they let light in and offer increased visibility between spaces.

Security roll-up doors: Security is one of the top features most businesses are in need of. Key pass operation and cylinder locks help elevate this commercial garage door in being one of the most secure options out there.

Metal roll-up doors: The key feature of roll-up doors is their flat slats made of aluminum or stainless steel. This allows the door to retract smoothly and roll up so they take up less space than other types of commercial doors.

We offer customized finishes, sizes and designs on commercial roll-up doors to suit any businesses need. Commercial roll-up doors have a wide variety of features that are able to improve fire ratings and increase security. We are available to discuss the specific needs of your company so we can install the perfect roll-up door for you.

When considering a commercial roll-up door it is vital to note the importance of things such as:

  • How often you use the door
  • Insulation needs
  • Clearance needs
  • Fire-code specifications
  • Security

This will help you decide which commercial roll-up door is right for you. 

All of our doors are built to your exact specifications and include features such as: Safety detection devices, Various locking options, High cycle springs, Vision windows and Faux finishes.

Our company stocks various makes and models of commercial roll-up garage doors and our team is able to service any issue you may have so that your business can be back up and operating as soon as possible.

Commercial roll-up doors consist of the following parts:

  • The steel curtain aka the door which rolls up and tucks away when opened.
  • The slats, which are the individual components of the curtain.
  • The springs that give the door tension and help it stay open.
  • The counterbalance system.
  • The seals, which keep the door insulated.
  • The motor which allows the garage door to be used electronically with the push of a button.

In a busy environment, our high-performance rolling doors with various maintenance-free open and shut cycles are the simplest solutions for your company and you do not need to sacrifice high-durability for high-performance. Call us today so we can answer any questions you may have about installing a commercial roll-up door for your business.

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ADP Garage Door Repair will always provide:

A crew of experienced professionals: Our team of specialists will arrive at your home or business ready for the task at hand. Our technicians are trained and certified to provide our customers with top-notch service right to your door. We provide a one-trip service, we don’t want to have to come back with different parts, we understand how frustrating that can be. We arrive fully stocked and ready to fix any issue you have. Our team will put your family or business at ease with the level of skill and understanding that we provide.

24/7 Service: Our team can provide your home or your business with same-day service because we understand how frustrating a non-functioning garage door can be. We understand how much it can affect your day to day life so we make sure we can schedule a quick turnaround so you are able to carry on with no worries. We offer 24/7 availability if you are in need of an experienced technician. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have, 24/7. Our timely services are like no other, we’re always here to help.

Pricing: We offer competitive rates like no other. We provide low service fees and competitive pricing because we aren’t some big corporate company just after the money. Despite the difference in price between us and our competitors, the quality of our work and the quality of our products never suffers. ADP Garage Door Repair boasts low prices coupled with high-caliber work.

High-Quality Parts: Even at low prices, the parts we are always working to provide you with will always remain high-quality. The parts we provide are of the utmost quality from exceptional brands that we trust. We will never provide you with parts from brands that we haven’t tested ourselves. Quality is never compromised at ADP Garage Door Repair. We provide top-rated products at great prices. You will never purchase low-value parts at ADP Garage Door Repair because we refuse to work with anything low caliber.

This is only the start of our exceptional service.

At the end of the day, we want to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our goal is to establish trust and confidence with you like no other company. Here at ADP Garage Door Repair, we put our customers first.

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Repair Services

If your roll-up door is giving you problems give us a call! We understand how detrimental a non-working commercial roll-up door is as products can’t leave your premises and shipments can’t come in until the door is in working order.

Businesses that utilize commercial roll-up doors usually use them frequently giving them a vigorous workout. This causes normal wear and tear meaning repairs serviced by professionals are usually much needed.

We understand that not all commercial roll-up doors are the same making us the top choice to repair your garage door. Ignoring your roll-up door is not an option as any parts breaking can be a detriment on your safety, your customer’s safety and can make it inviting for potential thieves.

There are multiple reasons to repair your commercial roll-up door, some are easy to detect and some are not.

Easy ways to detect if your roll-up garage door isn’t up to speed is by noticing:

  • Old or damaged springs
  • Improper alignment
  • Damaged slats
  • Old or damaged rollers and cables
  • Broken motor

Even if you are just after a safety check, we are able to assess all panels, track, springs, sensors and safety releases in order to make sure your commercial roll-up door is in top-notch condition.

We provide a full service of repairs on your commercial roll-up door that includes:

  • Inspecting bracket alignment.
  • Inspecting curtain components.
  • Inspecting all fasteners are secure and operating smoothly.
  • Inspecting locking mechanisms.
  • Inspecting guides and hood for any damage.
  • Inspecting bearings and providing any lubrication needed.
  • Inspect all sprockets to ensure they are fastened and secure.
  • Inspect all safety sensors.
  • Replace any springs that are losing their functionality.
  • Inspect for loose or fraying cables.

Our repair services on commercial roll-up doors include:

Roller Replacement: Making sure the roller is attached firmly to the shaft with no wiggle room is extremely important as this allows your garage door to open and close with ease.

Garage Door Track Repair: A common issue is where bent tracks or stiff rollers can cause your garage door to be unaligned. This can be potentially quite dangerous so it is vital to have this repaired as soon as possible.

Garage Door Panel/Slat Replacements: If a panel is broken in any way, it can really make the appearance of your garage door unappealing to the atheistic of the door as well as invite unwelcome intruders.

Weather Seal Replacements: Fluctuating temperatures can greatly affect the quality of your weather seal thus affecting the insulation in your warehouse or garage. When this seal gets damaged, that means it’s time to be replaced.

Broken Garage Door Cables: Cables are an extremely important part of a functioning garage door. It is difficult to tell if a cable is faulty until something goes wrong but if you see any loose wires hanging around your door or maybe your garage door isn’t working properly but you’re not too sure what it is, it is probably the cable.

Faulty Springs: Garage door springs can break at any time, especially if they are used frequently. Spring repair can be an extremely dangerous process and therefore we encourage you to call us so that our professionally trained team can skillfully repair any parts of your garage door.

We can provide your business with a maintenance plan as one of the key services to keep your garage door operating smoothly is organizing yearly inspections. Quarterly maintenance on your commercial roll-up door will greatly benefit its functionality and longevity. You should make every effort to ensure your commercial roll-up door stays in optimal condition. This means working with us to maintain and protect your garage door. Being proactive is the first step in effective maintenance and when you work with us, our team of trained and experienced technicians can inspect and service your door to reduce lost efficiency and even save you money in the long run.

The quality of your facility’s doors can determine the safety of your business, the protection of your products against the weather and the efficiency of your workers who use the roll-up door every day.

It’s never a bad time to review the condition of your commercial roll-up door, call us today to get your commercial roll-up door working as optimally as possible! 

What our customer say

Highly recommend ADP Garage door service. Dima is very responsive and cares a lot about his customers. Came out to my house very quickly after some damage occurred, got me a price quote and on the schedule all right there. Very knowledgeable and polite technicians.

Benjamin Bonner Avatar
Benjamin Bonner

Very knowlegable team, ADP went the extra mile!

Hasan Abdul-Mutakallim Avatar
Hasan Abdul-Mutakallim

ADP was professional, courteous and fast. They scheduled a tech to visit within 2 days of my call and had the repair completed 2 days after that. Very satisfied with their work and would use them again when necessary. Additionally, I noticed a small issue with the weather stripping that I did not notice at the time of service. I sent a text to Dima the next day which happened to be a Saturday. Dima texted me back immediately saying he would have tech there Monday. The repair technician Jake was at our house on Monday and took care of the issue in a very courteous and professional manner. Jake takes pride in his work and customer service and it shows. Exceptional, highly recommend this Company.

Mark Gallagher Avatar
Mark Gallagher

Our Prices

  • Service Fee
    waived with repair!
  • Spring Repair
    Starts at $250
  • General Repair
    Starts at $130
  • Opener
    Starts at $495
  • Single-Car Door
    Starts at $900
    not including labor
  • 2-Car Door
    Starts at $1300
    not including labor
  • Epoxy Flooring
    Starts at $6
    price per sq ft

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