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If you want to best in performance and quality, ADP Garage Door Repair can provide custom high speed door installation and repair for your commercial property. In recent years, the garage door industry has come a long way. Now, doors are faster and more technologically advanced than ever. With a high speed garage door, you’re getting a fast, versatile, and reliable solution that will last for years and get the job done. High speed, or high performance, garage doors are the best solution for property owners focused on efficiency and security. Contact the team at ADP today to schedule an appointment or find out more about our high speed garage doors.

The Benefits of High Speed Doors

No matter what business you’re in, if you need a garage door, faster is always preferable to slow. High speed commercial doors help keep the flow of business. Today, custom garage doors can move multiples faster than older generations, all while maintaining the same or greater level of safety. With ADP Garage Door Repair’s assistance, your business can get exceptional performance out of your garage, improving the speed of operations and limiting exposure to theft, bad weather, and high temperatures.

Build quality in high speed doors has to be exact. We know most business owners would trade reliability for speed. If you’ve got a fast door that’s always breaking down, you’re going to end up behind regardless. The best high speed garage doors are built with top quality materials and components. They’re durable and resilient under most conditions. This attention to detail during manufacturing also helps you save money in the long run. Over the full lifecycle of your garage door, you’re likely to spend significantly less on maintenance and repairs. Instead, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your garage door is performing well and helping your business run smoothly.

High Performance Commercial Garage Doors

As a business, you’re always looking for an edge. Anything that can be done to boost productivity can influence your chances of success. Many companies are unwittingly limiting their potential because their garage door isn’t up to the task. Either it’s too slow or too old and needs constant maintenance. That simply won’t do.

Every day, ADP Garage Door Repair works with local businesses to get the most performance and durability out of their garages. As a local business ourselves, we know how important it is to get things right. The communities we serve know they can count on us for the best solutions at the greatest value. Here are some of the most popular applications for our doors:

Cold Storage – High speed garage doors keep temperatures low to protect your stock inside. They streamline entry and exit to limit any outdoor exposure to food, drink, and other cold storage inventory.

Fire Stations – We install high speed garage doors on local fire stations so engines can get out faster to help people with emergencies. When lives and public safety are on the line, every second counts.

Commercial Parking Facilities – Our doors help keep traffic flow organized and timely. Whether you own a commercial facility where employees need to park for work or operate a parking lot, high speed doors can optimize flow.

Manufacturing Facilities – We install rugged doors that are built to last. Not only do our high speed doors move quickly, but they can also seal drafts to keep fumes in or out. They’re built to last and can take a beating from heavy use for years.

Retail – Car dealerships and other retail outlets love high speed doors because they offer efficiency combined with high security. The strength of the doors protects goods from theft and keeps employees safe while they’re busy at work.

These are just a few of the common applications of high performance garage doors. The technicians at ADP Garage Door Repair will work with you to design a custom commercial garage door solution no matter what business you’re in. If you’re interested in finding a better choice, we can help.

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ADP Garage Door Repair is a company built to provide convenience and high-caliber service to the people of Maryland.
Whatever your garage door needs may be, contact us directly for a seamless remedy. We are available 24/7 to book an appointment at your earliest convenience.
There will be no surprises when it comes to costs. We will always provide you with a full inspection and evaluation of your garage door needs accompanied by a firm price before we begin any repairs or installations.
You can always rely on ADP Garage Door Repair.
Our areas of service include Carrol County, Baltimore County, Harford County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel county.

Our Mission

ADP Garage Door Repair will always provide:

A crew of experienced professionals: Our team of specialists will arrive at your home or business ready for the task at hand. Our technicians are trained and certified to provide our customers with top-notch service right to your door. We provide a one-trip service, we don’t want to have to come back with different parts, we understand how frustrating that can be. We arrive fully stocked and ready to fix any issue you have. Our team will put your family or business at ease with the level of skill and understanding that we provide.

24/7 Service: Our team can provide your home or your business with same-day service because we understand how frustrating a non-functioning garage door can be. We understand how much it can affect your day to day life so we make sure we can schedule a quick turnaround so you are able to carry on with no worries. We offer 24/7 availability if you are in need of an experienced technician. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have, 24/7. Our timely services are like no other, we’re always here to help.

Pricing: We offer competitive rates like no other. We provide low service fees and competitive pricing because we aren’t some big corporate company just after the money. Despite the difference in price between us and our competitors, the quality of our work and the quality of our products never suffers. ADP Garage Door Repair boasts low prices coupled with high-caliber work.

High-Quality Parts: Even at low prices, the parts we are always working to provide you with will always remain high-quality. The parts we provide are of the utmost quality from exceptional brands that we trust. We will never provide you with parts from brands that we haven’t tested ourselves. Quality is never compromised at ADP Garage Door Repair. We provide top-rated products at great prices. You will never purchase low-value parts at ADP Garage Door Repair because we refuse to work with anything low caliber.

This is only the start of our exceptional service.

At the end of the day, we want to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our goal is to establish trust and confidence with you like no other company. Here at ADP Garage Door Repair, we put our customers first.

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Different Types of High Speed Garage Doors

We’re proud to offer businesses in the communities we serve the most options when it comes to commercial high speed garage doors. We’ve worked hard to source only the best products and materials to provide a great mix of value, strength, function, and security. The best door for your company will depend on business needs, budget, and timeline. We’ll work closely with you to weigh the benefits of each door so you can make the most informed decision possible. Here are some of the most popular commercial doors:

Fabric Panel Design

High performance fabric panel garage doors are ideal for interior openings. In a lot of commercial settings, owners and managers need to seal one section of a building or lot off from another while still allowing access for product and people movement. Fabric panels offer a lightweight, versatile option that moves quickly. It can help protect separate areas from cross-contamination. Compartmentalization is a great strategy if you’re concerned with keeping your facility clean.

Steel Panel Design

Steel panels work perfectly on building exteriors or when security is a concern. Most of our high speed doors use galvanized steel panels that are hot-dipped, making them long-lasting and low maintenance. Our doors are designed so well that, even with steel panels, they move smoothly and quietly. They’ve also got thermal breaks on top and bottom to improve temperature regulation, which can help keep utility bills low.

Window Panel Design

Some businesses love the see-through option of window panels in their garage door. They look fantastic and add a luxury feel to any building. The clear panels can also be smoked or obscured to prevent outside eyes from peering in. The doors we use have window panels that are coated with Duratec finish that stops blemishes like scratches from appearing.

Rubber Roll-up Doors

Rubber roll-ups are another great option for businesses. Too many companies settle for old, slow-moving garage doors. When time is money, rubber roll-up doors fit the bill. They’re incredibly durable and lightweight, so they move exceptionally fast, allowing rapid entry and exit at your commercial facility. Rubber doors are also a great affordable option compared to steel, especially when you factor in regular maintenance and repairs.

Insulated Freezer Doors

Grocery stores and other businesses that are concerned with temperature control can benefit from high speed insulated freezer doors. If you’re dealing with a slow freezer door, your utility bills can be higher, and it will affect the quality of your frozen goods. You need a fast-moving door that comes reinforced with vinyl curtains to keep temps down and helps them stay there. These doors typically have heated aluminum tracks so the garage itself doesn’t freeze, guaranteeing smooth movement around the clock.

Rapid Garage Door Service

At ADP Garage Door Repair, fast service is our standard. We’re a local company, so we know what it takes to run a business. When things go wrong, you need solutions now. If you’re a business that relies on a well-running garage door to move goods or traffic, a breakdown can spell disaster. They can grind the pace of business to a halt and cause major disruption.

Commercial property owners and facility managers know they can turn to ADP in an emergency. Our technicians have years of experience working on all brands and sizes of garage doors. We’re confident we can get things back online in no time.

When you call an ADP technician to your site, they’ll perform a rapid inspection of your garage door to see what the issue is. Then, they’ll get started on returning your garage to great shape. Before you know it, you’ll be able to turn your focus back to everyday operations. We work around the clock, so you’re never left in a lurch waiting for assistance. When you call with an emergency, we prioritize your call to make sure you get the attention and service you deserve.

Our Commitment to You

We guarantee we’ll help you make the best choice for your commercial garage door. Whether you’re dealing with routine maintenance or are interested in a possible upgrade to a high performance door, we won’t call any project complete until you’re completely satisfied. Each of our technicians is dedicated to providing the best service, work quality, and customer value possible. This, and many other reasons, is why so many companies in the area choose us for all of their garage door installation, repair, and maintenance.

Don’t settle for an old, slow, or malfunctioning garage door today. If you’ve been struggling with your current commercial garage door, get help from our team. Your business deserves better. Let us help you with a commercial garage door that will optimize the business and provide more security. Everyone, from your facility managers to your employees and customers, will benefit from the investment you make in optimizing your garage operations. Learn more about our high speed garage doors by calling ADP Garage Door Repair today!

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Great company. Sales and install were excellent. Definitely recommend

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Gary Michael

Can't say enough good things about Ibrahim and ADP. He came out and gave me a quote, my schedule was booked for the week and he came back out and did the project that evening just to fit me in. Ibrahim was very friendly, professional and efficient. The new garage door motors are a vast improvement and installed very well. He was very thorough throughout the install and walked me through usage of the keypads, remotes and buttons. Ibrahim, thank you again for taking care of us and going above and beyond.

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Tom Allen

Great to work with, very dependable

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Jerry Chiat

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