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Contact ADP Garage Door Repair for the best quality residential and commercial garage door repair, maintenance, and installation services in Reisterstown, MD. For years, we’ve helped property owners with the best in garage door technology, helping you get the greatest possible value for your money. Our certified technicians are seasoned professionals. They’ve worked on every size and type of garage door. Whether you need a small repair or are thinking about upgrading to a newer garage door, our team can handle it! We’ll give you the information you need to make the best decision for your property. Whether your priorities are improved technology options, durability, affordability, or something else, we’ll work with you on a custom solution that fits your requirements. Property owners in Reisterstown rely on us as the preferred garage door repair and installation company in the area. Don’t wait, call us today and schedule an appointment!

Comprehensive Garage Door Solutions

We’re proud to be the garage door installation and repair experts in Reisterstown, MD. Property owners turn to us because we’ve got the best garage door technicians in the area. We’ve all spent a great deal of time and resources on training and development, so we’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest in the garage door industry. Modern garage doors now come with more options than ever. You have more materials to choose from and added functionalities. It can be hard to choose the best repair or installation solution, but with ADP’s help, it’s easy. Our technicians will work with you so you can make the best decision for your home or property.

The team at ADP can handle everything from minor repairs to total replacement. Every day, we replace springs, reprogram settings, restore damaged panels, and install completely new garage doors. If your garage door isn’t working properly, call us. We have the resources to get to you quickly no matter where you’re located in the Reisterstown area. Our technicians will inspect and diagnose your garage door to find out what’s going on and we’re confident they can manage any necessary repairs. On every visit, we have the tools with us to get your garage door working again the same day.

Service Area

ADP Garage Door Repair is a company built to provide convenience and high-caliber service to the people of Maryland.
Whatever your garage door needs may be, contact us directly for a seamless remedy. We are available 24/7 to book an appointment at your earliest convenience.
There will be no surprises when it comes to costs. We will always provide you with a full inspection and evaluation of your garage door needs accompanied by a firm price before we begin any repairs or installations.
You can always rely on ADP Garage Door Repair.
Our areas of service include Carrol County, Baltimore County, Harford County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel county.

  • Eldersburg, MD.
  • Sykesville, MD.

Our Mission

ADP Garage Door Repair will always provide:

A crew of experienced professionals: Our team of specialists will arrive at your home or business ready for the task at hand. Our technicians are trained and certified to provide our customers with top-notch service right to your door. We provide a one-trip service, we don’t want to have to come back with different parts, we understand how frustrating that can be. We arrive fully stocked and ready to fix any issue you have. Our team will put your family or business at ease with the level of skill and understanding that we provide.

24/7 Service: Our team can provide your home or your business with same-day service because we understand how frustrating a non-functioning garage door can be. We understand how much it can affect your day to day life so we make sure we can schedule a quick turnaround so you are able to carry on with no worries. We offer 24/7 availability if you are in need of an experienced technician. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have, 24/7. Our timely services are like no other, we’re always here to help.

Pricing: We offer competitive rates like no other. We provide low service fees and competitive pricing because we aren’t some big corporate company just after the money. Despite the difference in price between us and our competitors, the quality of our work and the quality of our products never suffers. ADP Garage Door Repair boasts low prices coupled with high-caliber work.

High-Quality Parts: Even at low prices, the parts we are always working to provide you with will always remain high-quality. The parts we provide are of the utmost quality from exceptional brands that we trust. We will never provide you with parts from brands that we haven’t tested ourselves. Quality is never compromised at ADP Garage Door Repair. We provide top-rated products at great prices. You will never purchase low-value parts at ADP Garage Door Repair because we refuse to work with anything low caliber.

This is only the start of our exceptional service.

At the end of the day, we want to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our goal is to establish trust and confidence with you like no other company. Here at ADP Garage Door Repair, we put our customers first.

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Garage Door Services

We pride ourselves on being the best-trained team in the business. We spend a lot of time on garage doors and have worked with every style and shape, from your basic residential garage door to more dynamic commercial solutions. Garage doors are extremely durable, but that doesn’t mean they last forever. Based on how old they are and how frequently they’re used, they need regular maintenance. Here is a breakdown of some of the services we provide most frequently.

The garage opener drives the mechanism that opens and closes your garage. It manipulates a system of cables and other components that manipulates the door. Openers can be complex devices, so when they stop working it’s not always easy to spot the problem. However, ADP technicians work on openers every day. We can get to the bottom of the issue quickly and replace any damaged components to get your garage door working again.

Businesses often have unique requirements when it comes to garage door installation and repair. The garage doors can be bigger, heavier, and require more frequent use. We have years of experience working with commercial doors, and can help you get your existing door back in great condition or install a new door that’s right for you.

Garage doors use a system of springs to balance the weight of the door and facilitate smooth opening and closing movement. The springs that garage doors use are very strong, but managing that weight over the years eventually causes them to wear out. Poor springs can interrupt the movement of your door and cause other problems. We have a wide variety of springs that can fit any size or model or garage door, so you won’t have to wait long until it’s back online again.

This is just a brief overview of some of our most basic services. ADP Garage Door Repair can help with any minor or major repair as well as custom garage door installation. Whether you’re a business looking for a better way to optimize your garage, or are a homeowner interested in hearing about new garage door options, we’re excited to talk to you about what we can do.

Emergencies, by nature, are unexpected. Every day, homeowners in Reisterstown, MD get in their cars to go to work or school and discover that their garage door won’t open. Some of them find out they need a repair when a garage door won’t work at night. Business owners have to reschedule deliveries because something’s wrong. When something unplanned like this happens, you need reliable expert emergency garage door repair.

We’re proud to offer around the clock emergency repairs to our communities. As a local company, we know how important it is to get to you quickly and deliver the results you expect. We’ll do what it takes to make sure you can get to work or school, as well as sleep at night with peace of mind knowing your garage door is shut. If you’re a business or commercial property owner, we’ll do what it takes to minimize disruption to your operations.

Once you call, we’ll dispatch a technician to your property as soon as possible to conduct an inspection. They’ll assess the condition of your garage door and what’s causing the issue you’re dealing with. Most of the time, they’ll have the tools and parts necessary to get your garage door working that same day. Once the issue is fixed, we can work with you on a long-term solution, so it doesn’t happen again. Call us immediately if you need emergency garage door repair!

Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Large Repairs

One thing many residential and commercial homeowners do is wait too long for small repairs that then turn into larger ones. That’s understandable, as most people aren’t familiar with all of the components of a garage door. It can be hard to tell if something’s wrong when you don’t know what to look for. There are certain things every homeowner can do, though, to inspect the condition of your garage door opener.

Every few months, take a look to see whether your springs have any rust or if the coil is loosening at all. You can also take a look at the cables and belts to look for any signs of fraying or cracking. Finally, make sure to check whether your garage door is level at the bottom when it opens or closes. Any change there could mean balance is uneven and could be shifting even more.

At ADP Garage Door Repair, we help property owners in Reisterstown design a careful maintenance plan so you can avoid surprise repairs that can be expensive and disruptive. This type of preventative maintenance has saved our clients thousands of dollars. You get more out of your garage door and can replace small components when they go bad before they affect larger ones. We’ll work with you based on your budget and timeline to create a maintenance plan that gets you the performance and durability you deserve. Get the most out of your garage door by calling and asking about scheduled maintenance today!

Our Local Focus

Ever since we opened our doors, ADP Garage Door Repair has focused on giving our communities the best service and garage door installation and repair possible. A garage door, whether you’ve had it for years or are installing a new one, represents a large investment of time and money. We’ve been careful not to expand at the cost of quality, and that is still the case today. Our commitment to you is that we’ll treat your garage door or property development like we’re working on our own. Each decision and garage door solution will be made with your best interest in mind. We know our success depends on how effectively we meet your needs and keep your garage door working well.

Every person on the ADP team is dedicated to excellence. We care about our work, and it shows! We guarantee your satisfaction, or we’ll keep working until we get there. Find out why so many residential and commercial property owners count on us as their full-service garage door contractor. Whether you need a small repair done, or need help in the middle of an emergency, we’ll be there fast with repairs that work. We can help you get the best new garage door for your new or existing home. You’ll love the way your new door looks and performs. Don’t settle for any less than the best when it comes to your garage door. Call ADP Garage Door Repair today! We’re happy to help you schedule an appointment or answer any questions about our services. 

What our customer say

The technicians were very helpful and friendly. Great service, highly recommend!

Adaish Balram Avatar
Adaish Balram

Very quick and easy service. They work very quickly and they are extremely professional!

Aisaiah Thomas Avatar
Aisaiah Thomas

Quick response and Warrantied work…ADP came the same day and quickly repaired my door. The tech was courteous and professional. Highly recommended.

Rufus Brumfield Avatar
Rufus Brumfield

Our Prices

  • Service Fee
    waived with repair!
  • Spring Repair
    Starts at $250
  • General Repair
    Starts at $130
  • Opener
    Starts at $495
  • Single-Car Door
    Starts at $900
    not including labor
  • 2-Car Door
    Starts at $1300
    not including labor
  • Epoxy Flooring
    Starts at $6
    price per sq ft

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